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In shape

The Grid is designed in such a way to offer maximum comfort in your hands while gaming and still allow complete access to your touch screen. It was also important to us that the Grid not only looks good, but fits in your pocket. That’s why the Grid is only as big as necessary and super light. Did we forget to mention tough?

Feel it

The Smartgrid surrounds your touchscreen with grooves, creating a system which you’ll be able to recognize without your eyes and only your fingers. You’d never believe how much the Grid improves orientation. Now concentrate on the game, either in your hand,via AirPlay™ or Bluetooth™.

4-0, you

Annihilate your friends with the Grid and the ability to simultaneously use four fingers. With the patented Touch Clips you can now play premium iPhone games as if you had a traditional game controller. You can find the first games that are compatible with the Touchclips here.

Sounds good
Heavy beats.

The Grid directs the iPhone speakers and microphone directly at you. Not only does it sound better, it prevents you from accidently covering them during game play. The Grid getting you deeper into the game.

Better safe than sorry

The Grid intentionally has no electronic parts, meaning there is less that could be damaged in an accidental fall. In fact, the Grid protects your iPhone in the heat of battle when it comes to crunch time. Not only during game play.

Still more
Stay connected

We’ve made certain that all of the functions of the iPhone are accessible while using the GRID. Make calls, take pictures, shoot video, FaceTime, adjust the volume, use Bluetooth™ devices, plug your headphones in and even charge it, all without disrupting game play!

The GRID FIERO study.
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